Adam Obersat
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We find ourselves constantly in contact with our environment. These "encounters" are the subject of my acticivity as an artist.

The question as to what really happens or if everything is an illusion occupies me and I look for answers.
Am I what is happening? My environment is happening at the same time
Am I not exclusively a result of reflection, feedback from the surroundings?
If that is so, then I am the medium through which "it" becomes reality. I became particularly conscious of this through sculpture.

In modelling, I find that everything is already present, it flows out of my fingers, out of my hands and becomes form. I have the feeling I am reaching into an inexhaustible supply with limitless possibilities and using parts from it which are joined together by my "I".

This also shows in the representation of people who are significant to me. The expressing of conditions and feelings in the work are strongly moving moments for me. When they awake to "life", a great satisfaction arises.